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What is an appropriate identification for an education account?


Appropriate identification for staff and students: 

  • Clear, readable copies of the following documents: a current, valid photograph identification and valid evidence of current enrollment at or employment by an Educational Establishment or an educational entity.
  • Each identification provided to the Wacom eStore shall be valid for a period of time not to exceed 1 year from the date that the appropriate identification was actually furnished to the Wacom eStore, or, if applicable, the expected graduation date for the individual, whichever is less.


Appropriate identification for institutes

For a purchase by an educational entity appropriate identification means:

  • A valid Educational Establishment-sponsored e-mail address utilising an education domain name and ′ship to′/ delivery address and ′bill to′ address of the educational entity;
  • A valid, official purchase order issued by an educational entity

How to change the nib of my pen?


Take a tweezers and pull the plastic nib out of the top of the pen. Insert the new nib and tap the pen down lightly to ensure it is in place.

Do not try to open the pen under any circumstances, since This will only damage it.

Where can I find a dealer who sells Wacom products?


If you are looking for a dealer in your area, please go to our website:


How do I find out which tablet I own?


Read the model number from the adhesive label on the back of your tablet and check it against the following list. Model number beginning with:

model number (tablet model)

  • FT-0203V-X (PenPartner)
  • CTF-221 (PenPartner2)
  • FT-0405U (Volito)
  • CTF-420 (Volito2)
  • FT-0405U10 (Colorelli)
  • ET-0405P (Graphire)
  • ET-0405U (Graphire)
  • ET-0405A2 (Graphire2)
  • ET-0405ST (Graphire2)
  • CTE-430 / CTE-630 (Graphire3)
  • CTE-440 / CTE-640 (Graphire4)
  • CTE-630BT (Wireless Pen Tablet)
  • MTE-450 (Bamboo - 1st. Generation)
  • CTF-430 (Bamboo One)
  • CTE-450 / CTE-650 (Bamboo FUN S / M - 1st. Generation)
  • CTL-460 (Bamboo Pen)
  • CTT-430 (Bamboo Touch)
  • CTH-460 (Bamboo Pen & Touch)
  • CTH-461 / CTH-661 (Bamboo Fun S/M Pen & Touch)
  • GD-... (Intuos)
  • XD-... (Intuos2)
  • PTZ-... (Intuos3)
  • PTK-... (Intuos4)
  • PL-550 (Cintiq 15X)
  • PL-800 (Cintiq 18SX)
  • DTZ-1200 (Cintiq 12WX)
  • DTZ-2100 (Cintiq 21WX) - Intuos3 Technology
  • DTK-2100 (Cintiq 21WX) - Intuos4 Technology
  • UD- UltraPad



Why can't I pay by credit card in the country I have selected?


Unfortunately, there have been many instances of credit card fraud in several countries. For this reason, we have had to exclude several countries from this method of payment.


What is the CVC code on credit cards?


The CVC (Card Verification Code) is an authentication code for credit cards, and is a security feature of your credit card.

How does this code give you protection?

The CVC cannot be read by normal card readers. In theory, only you can see this code. By providing the CVC you are verifying that you have the card in your possession.

CVC code on VISA & MasterCard

Flip your card over and look at the signature box. You should see the 16-digit credit card number, followed by the 3-digit CVC code. We require this 3-digit number.


Where can I procure a driver for Windows 7?


All users of Windows 7 can find a suitable driver here, e.g. for Bamboo, Bamboo Pen & Touch, Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch and Intuos4:

You can find the latest drivers on our company website under Support/Drivers.


Please select your operating system and product.

You can then download the driver.

If you have any problems, please contact our technical support team for assistance:

Phone: 0049-(0)69-66308200


Can I also order by phone?


You can generally only order products over the Internet in our eStore.

Our processes are configured so you can place your order quickly and easily.

Orders can be submitted to the Wacom eStore in six languages:

  • German:
  • English:
  • French:
  • Spanish:
  • Italian:
  • Dutch:


I have a voucher. Where do I redeem it?


To redeem a voucher, enter the voucher code into the designated box in the shopping cart.

Only one voucher code can be used per order.

The value of the shopping cart (not including shipping costs) must be greater than the value of the voucher.

Vouchers cannot be paid out in cash.


My voucher is not working. What might be the problem?


If a voucher is not working, this may be due to the following reasons:

  • The voucher is no longer valid.
  • The voucher is only valid for a certain product, which has not been selected.
  • The voucher has been issued incorrectly (typing error, wrong product code, etc.)
  • Incorrect entry of the voucher code (typing error)

In such cases, we ask that you give us your voucher code, name and e-mail address so we can send you a new voucher.


How do I enter my VAT number?


VAT numbers must always be entered in the format valid throughout the EU.

VAT numbers always begin with the two-letter country ISO code, followed by at least 9 numbers (and in some cases letters and numbers, e.g. Austria, where the two-letter country ISO code is always followed by a "U").

Example: DE120692751 for a German VAT number.

Dots, spaces, hyphens etc. are invalid and, if entered, will cause the VAT number to be rejected.


I have paid in advance. Do you ship immediately?


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No, we always ship after receipt of payment. Money transfers (including online money transfers) usually take 1-2 working days to clear in Great Britain, and 3-5 working days within Europe.

What does 'Used products' mean?


'Used products' are test or demonstration products which have been used for a short period of time by Wacom, by our partners or for trade fairs.

Although these products have slight traces of use, they are thoroughly cleaned and checked for technical integrity prior to sale. Our used products come with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty, as with our new products.

Which carrier do you use for shipping?


We currently ship exclusively by UPS.

Do I need to create an account to order through Wacom?


Yes, you need to create an account.

Why do you deliver only to customers within the EU?


Orders can only be placed in our eStore from EU member states.

Ordering from non-EU countries can lead to problems with customs and prohibitive shipping costs.

If you want to order from a non-EU country, we recommend that you find a dealer in your area at:


How can I find out when I will receive my order?


You will be sent a shipment confirmation e-mail when your order leaves our warehouse. This e-mail will be sent through the UPS shipping system and contains an UPS tracking number. Using this tracking number, you can check the status of your order online on the local UPS website (e.g. for France or for Spain, etc.).

Here you can find out the scheduled, non-binding delivery date of your order.

We regret that Wacom has no control over UPS delivery dates.


Why do I receive an e-mail from UPS?


We currently ship exclusively by UPS and use the UPS software for shipping. When your order has been shipped, the UPS software will send an e-mail notification with a confirmation of shipment and a tracking number.

Quick tip: some e-mail clients and e-mail services flag messages from UPS as SPAM/JUNK and put them in a special folder, where they are easily overlooked or ignored. For this reason, please make you sure check this folder.

Can I change my shipping address even if I have already received a notification from UPS?


Once the order has been dispatched, the shipping address can only be changed through UPS. There are two ways to do this:

1. Contact your local UPS branch. You can find the contact details at, stating your country. You will also need to enter the tracking number of your order.

2. You notify us of the new shipping address, and we pass this information on to UPS.


I have purchased software available for instant download. Where do I find the link for the download and the serial number?


You can find the link to instantly download the software you have purchased in your customer account under "My account" -> "My orders". You will also find here the required serial number and license key (where applicable).

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