December 8, 2015

Handletterer Inkymole Uses Bamboo Spark to Move Her Words Faster

Famous handletterer Inkymole aka Sarah J. Coleman uses Bamboo Spark to show how easy it is to convert your sketch notes to digital while still keeping that personal touch in this tutorial.

In this tutorial Inkymole shows how to create your own Christmas wrapping paper. We follow along her process from ideation on the Bamboo Spark and finishing it in Photoshop. At the end of the tutorial you can find Inkymole´s Christmas wrapping paper as download.

Tutorial - How to Create Your Own Christmas Wrapping Paper 

Ideation process and sketching on the Bamboo Spark

Start off with an ideation process. Sketch some Christmas greetings to brainstorm until you have an idea of what you want your Christmas greeting to look like.

1. Turn on the Bamboo Spark by sliding the switch on the bottom. A green light will show just above the save button.
2. You can position the Bamboo Spark in any way that works for you.
3. Start sketching. During this process make sure the paper stays still and does not slide around. 
4. When you are done, make sure to press the save button in the middle. The Bamboo Spark can save up to a 100 pages! When you open the Bamboo Spark app on your smart phone or tablet, the saved pages will appear and synchronize to the Wacom cloud to be able to continue digitally.



Finish Christmas greeting as wrapping paper in Photoshop

There are several options to continue from Bamboo Spark, for example in the app Bamboo Paper or in this case in Photoshop. We are going to bring color to the sketch and make it a pattern. 

1. Open your Christmas design in Photoshop.
2. Add a new layer for the background of your desired wrapping paper.
3. Then copy the Christmas design layer and position. Repeat this process. You can select and copy multiple layers at the same time to work faster.
4. Then merge all the Christmas design layers into one, name it and save it.

It is as easy as that! You now have your own personal wrapping paper to wrap your Christmas gifts in.



Here you can find Inkymole´s Christmas wrapping paper as download, which is easy and cheap to print as poster in a copy shop. 

About Inkymole aka Sarah J. Coleman

Sarah got the name "Inkymole" at school. It was harsh but fair, because she has bad eyesight like a mole, but she does like to use an aweful lot of Ink. Today howevery she is using felttips, her other favorites.

Creating words and pictures for an international client base for two decades, her work is organic, irreverent, dark, silly, scratchy, changeable, energetic, always made by hand, and there is a lot of it; she loves ink, her weapon of choice since her ten-year-old self was given a bottle of Quink by her Dad.

Check out some of Inymole´s work on Behance.



Wacom and Inkymole wish you a very Merry Christmas!



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