Wacom Art Pen

Wacom Art Pen

from: Wacom

Order number: KP-701E-01



Ready for instant shipment. Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

€109.90 *
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Wacom Art Pen

Order number: KP-701E-01


Ready for instant shipment. Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

€109.90 *

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Most designers know the classical felt marker – basically a high-value felt pen with an angled tip that enabled the designer to draw thick and fine strokes by simply turning the marker by 180 along its longitudinal axis. With the new Art Pen, designers can enter the time capsule and get the good old marker feeling – with the advantages of the digital realm: This pen has – like its traditional counterpart – a broad, angled pen tip, which is made of either plastic or real felt. Additionally, the Art Pen is rotation-sensitive at 360, so you can – if the software support rotation-sensitivity – change the width of your stroke by simply turning the pen′s barrel – like with a real felt marker. You also can substitute a calligraphic fountain-pen with your Art Pen…

Art Pen programmable


  • Rotation-sensitive
  • New Wacom Tip Sensor with 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Programmable double-side switch
  • Eraser
  • Tilt Sensitivity
  • Tool ID
  • Cord-/battery-less
  • Wacom pen technology

Package contents

  • Intuos4Art Pen with standard art nibs
  • 5 chisel-shaped standard nibs
  • 5 standard art nibs

Technical data

  • Weight: 20 g
  • Technology: Cordless, battery-free, 2nd Generation Wacom Tip Sensor
  • Pressure Levels: 2,048
  • Tilt sensitivity: ± 60°
  • Dimensions (L x D) / (W x D x H): 156.3 x 15.5 x 15.9 mm
  • Tool ID: yes
  • Rotation: 0 - 360°
  • Eraser: yes

Wacom Art Pen

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From: Oleg
23.10.2014 15:55

Doesn't work with Cintiq24HD

If you have an Cintiq24HD don't buy this pen !

After every line that you draw a small line will be created at every end. That makes work frustrating and imposable to use it.

I am very disappointed with the wacom support, after 2 emails and mentions on the forums I was not able to get any answers or help.

At least I have some nibs that I can use for my new grip pen that I have to buy.

From: Peeter Maimik
02.01.2011 19:35

Works well

This is a very useful tool if you're into digital painting. Being able to rotate the brush is such an essential feature that I think it should be included in the default Intuos Pen. The Art Pen works well.

Photoshop CS5 does support brush rotation but the on-screen cursor does not give you any feedback in order to estimate the initial direction of your next stroke, so for painting you're better off using something like Corel Painter, where the on-screen feedback is adequate for precise mark-making. The Art Pen comes with bot chiseled and round nibs, but the chiseled nibs won't stay at a fixed angle physically, so I don't see a reason for using them. Also there's a glitch that sometimes happens where the rotation flips a little bit (at least in Painter), but it's nothing major, there's always the Undo button.

All in all, the Art Pen is still a very useful tool that opens up a lot of possibilities to use brushes in new and much more dynamic ways. If you care at all about stroke economy in your paintings this is a must have.

From: liusa
25.12.2010 17:05

Art Pen Intuos4

The excellent tool.
Competition among other manufacturers I do not see.

From: Terence McBride
14.08.2010 22:52

Art Pen Intuos4

The order arrived on time in good condition. The Art pen is slightly different than the standard pen that comes with the tablet. The art pen does seem to have more control, the pen is a little larger (Width) and the tip end is a touch more stubby. I like it and will enjoy using it. I also ordered an extra Pen stand for Intuos4 Grip Pen not realising that the Art pen was actually supplied with one, it turned out to be a happy accident as I had also ordered an extra set of nibs for the art pen, the nibs all fitted into the stand. I now keep my ordinary pen in it and close to hand.

From: Hans
28.01.2014 17:04

for me the only one that really works

Works much better than my grip pen. Drawing with the latter was always frustrating. I never managed to learn digital drawing with the grip pen and wondered how others could have achieved this. With the art pen it's easy. Hooray!

From: damour
19.06.2011 23:16

Super stylo

Indispensable pour raliser des pleins et dlis.
ce stylo deviendra vite indispensable.
seul mauvais point: pas de bague d'extraction de pointes (en option), l vraiment c'est abuser.


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