September 3, 2018

Famous Hollywood Movies in Anime Style

Russian artist Dmitry Grozov, aka Ahriman, recreates celebrated film scenes in manga/ anime style for his ongoing project called "Animotion" with his trusty Cintiq pen display

Let's pretend you're a science-fiction freak and an avid consumer of anime. Surely you've thought, more than once, that the best science-fiction film currently being made is coming to us from Japan.

How many times have you longed for sci-fi wasp cinema to be encouraged, to tackle the subject - Matrix through - with narrative and aesthetic approaches similar to Japanese ones? What about the clumsy attempts to bring Anime to Live Action. Scarlett Johansson? Machete? What if it was the other way around, and our favorite movies had been released directly as OVAs, with all the color and complexity of Anime?

Let's put you to the test ;). Can you guess the original movie?















Ok, this one is difficult ;), click here for a hint.









Check out more of his work "Animotion" © Dmitry Grozov aka Ahriman | artstation | patreon | instagram | DevianArt

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