August 23, 2016

Let Your Ideas Take Shape with Intuos 3D

Ready to create 3D art? Intuos 3D lets your ideas take shape. Use the pressure-sensitive Intuos pen and powerful ZBrush® software to digitally sculpt and paint your 3D model. Then share it, use it in other creative applications or 3D print it. With templates and online training, Intuos 3D has everything you need to get started.

With the natural feel and movement of a pen in your hand and 1024 distinct pressure levels, Intuos 3D allows you to adjust the strength of your sculpting tools by simply pressing harder or softer on the pen.

About Intuos 3D

Intuos 3D is simple to learn, yet powerful enough to capture your imagination. User-friendly ZBrush® software is from Pixologic™ developers of ZBrush®, the leading 3D sculpting software used by film and game studios worldwide. Start with a template or object, and you can quickly sculpt and paint nearly anything you can imagine. Move, zoom and tumble your model while you work using your multi-touch tablet. There are online tutorials and videos to inspire and instruct. The ExpressKeys™ on your tablet have time-saving shortcuts designed for 3D modeling. It’s never been so easy to create in 3D.



Everything You Need in One Creative Box 

Whatever you envision, Intuos 3D can take you there. Find everything you need to create 3D art in one package. Each Wacom quality Intuos 3D pen tablet includes downloadable ZBrush® 3D software and online tutorials.  With one purchase, you can create 3D art from start to finish.

Setup is simple.  Just plug a single USB cable into your Mac or PC. Install the driver, then register and download your 3D creative software. The easy-to-use ZBrush® software installs seamlessly. And you’re ready to start creating. It doesn’t take long to feel confident with Intuos 3D.

Give Your Artwork Another Dimension

Create characters, models, toys, or jewelry.  Share your ideas, 3D print them, or use them in different creative applications.  With Intuos 3D, you have everything you need to give your artwork a whole new dimension.

Intuos 3D is a sharply designed, exceptional quality art tablet that fits neatly in a laptop bag.  Its size offers a canvas that is large enough for 3D modeling with ZBrushCore® software.  Or use Intuos 3D as a tool for all your other creative activities, like drawing, photo editing or creating comics.

The rest of the Intuos family

People are different. And what they do is different with Intuos. People can create so many fantastic new things that it becomes impossible to support every use case with one single model. We picked the most favourite use cases our customers like: drawing, illustrations, retouch photos and comics. Then we picked the software which fits best to each use case. Fantastic video material was developed to help people understand how to use the product and how to get the most out of each software. 

Intuos Draw

Just starting out and finding your own style? Intuos Draw makes creating fun. Draw, paint, and edit with an easy to use pen tablet. With access to ArtRage Lite and free tutorials, you can quickly develop from an amateur to talented artist through this easy-to-use pen tablet and software ArtRage Lite. The Intuos Draw is available in small white and blue. 

Intuos Art

So you’ve already got artistic skills? Show them off to the world with Intuos Art. Paint, design, and create with a pressure-sensitive pen on a digital canvas. You can explore the wide variety of painting styles and brushes available on the pen tablet’s free accompanying software package Corel Painter Essentials. Available in small plus medium black and blue.

Intuos Comic

Want your characters to fly off the page? Intuos Comic is your perfect sidekick. Sketch, ink, and colour frames using a pressure-sensitive pen on digital pages.
The Intuos Comic is available in small black & blue and medium black. Clip Studio Paint Pro and Anime Studio Debut are available for download with this tablet.

Intuos Photo


Getting started with Intuos

Your pictures tell a story. Make your story beautiful with Intuos Photo. Perfect your images for printing, push your creative boundaries, and share with friends and family.
Available in small black, the Intuos Photo is accompanied by Corel PaintShop Pro & Corel AfterShot Pro for Windows users, and Macphun Creative Kit & Corel AfterShot Pro for Mac OS users. 

Wacom offers help with "how to" and "getting started" videos, like the video below. For more videos, check out our Youtube playlist "Creating with Intuos". 

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