Standard Nibs

Standard Nibs

from: Wacom

Order number: ACK-20101W



Ready for instant shipment. Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

€4.90 *

5 standard refills for


• CTF-430 - Bamboo one (1st. generation)

• CTE-450 - Bamboo Fun S (1st. generation)

• CTE-650 - Bamboo Fun M (1st. generation)

• CTH-461 - Bamboo Fun S (2nd. generation)

• CTH-661 - Bamboo Fun M (2nd. generation)


Standard Nibs

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From: May
17.04.2015 13:40

Good service! Fast delivery

Really happy with my order of these. They came with a messenger at my door 3 days after I purchased them, I was shocked! I've never had such a fast delivery before. They where sent from Germany, to Norway.

As other people mention, the shipping price is more than the actualt product, but it's not really a high price. I bought 3 pakcs of nibs, so then it's not a bad deal to pay 5euro for the shipping IMO. # packs of nibs last a long time too!

No surprising fee from UPS, wich was great. I paid here in the checkout store, and didn't have to pay anything more than that.

Really happy with this, and will buy from this place in the future!

From: Jenni Hr
02.11.2014 11:42

good product, bad shipping

Product is exellent and arrived fast, though I cringe having to pay more than it's value in shipping. Ended up ordering two sets just to ease my mind about it, but it's definitely made me think again ordering straight from this website.

From: Ian Lodovica
15.07.2014 14:22

All as expected

Bought two packs of these nibs and arrived in 5 days.

Satisfied with everything but the delivery fee is absurd at 6 for something that weighs less than a coin

From: Johan Liljegren
27.05.2014 10:54

Unable to deliver

Didn't get my order, probably thanks to UPS and their incapability to deliver their packages. I sat home waiting for them at all their delivery attempts but they didn't even try to use the door phone. They even lied and said that they had contacted me for more information, I haven't heard anything, if it wasn't that I for me tracking the delivery on their website I wouldn't even know about the delivery attempts. And the only solution they are offering is for my to got to their pick up central which would cost me more than the order itself!

Please stop use UPS.

And I will ask for a refund of my order since you were unable to deliver it to me.

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